Does Anthony Joshua hold the credentials to become one of the greatest boxers ever? | The Boxing Asylum By Shay Sillitoe

follow url I am going to begin my first piece on the name that is upon the lips of every boxing fan and professional alike – Anthony Joshua. The man is an absolute animal, punishing every opponent that dare step in the ring with him. Boasting an impressive 18 fights, 18 wins and 18 knockouts record he is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the most feared fighters not only in Britain, but the world.

where to buy furosemide tablets  After a comfortable and professional win over a frightened looking Eric Molina last night, promoter Eddie Hearn announced the super fight all Joshua fans are asking for – a bout with former world champion Wladimir Klitschko. I firmly believe that if Anthony Joshua can win this fight on April 29, he could beat anyone. This will certainly be his most difficult fight to date and will prove a huge test for Joshua, having never gone further than the seventh round, this will not only be a test of strength but also the stamina that Joshua has.

This is going to be a massive step up for Joshua. He has boxed fighters that haven’t really been household names but he has done it professionally and comfortably. His biggest stumbling block came against Dillian Whyte who shook Joshua in the second round with a good combination, something Joshua hadn’t experianced in his professional career. However, Joshua did knock out Whyte in the seventh round and proved once again how much of a professional he is and despite many critics and professionals saying he may not have the stamina to get to the late rounds, he did and he did it very well indeed.

Last night was a completely different fight to the bout against Whyte. Joshua was boxing a very, very negative Eric Molina. He expressed in the post-fight interview that it was difficult to fight a negative boxer as they do not create many opportunities, so you have to create them yourself. This just shows that Joshua is a very intelligent fighter, that may not have the experience of a Klitschko or Haye, but has the knowledge of what to do when coming face to face with different types of boxers. Joshua will probably find that, especially when climbing to the top, he will very rarely come across another opponent like Molina, who was almost flinching at every punch Joshua threw. But it is great experience for him and it will add to the vast fighting knowledge he already has.

So does Anthony Joshua hold the credentials to become the greatest? Could we have another Muhammad Ali amongst us? I believe we do. He is fast, he is accurate, he holds an incredibly hard punch and above all, he is very intelligent, which is an important trait in a future boxing legend.

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